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All Crew Members - Take the BSA Crew Officers Orientation Training 

On-line training from the Boy Scouts of America website.  Learn about how to run a crew and the Leadership roles available.

Even if you are not running for office, this training will help you understand the process and organization of a Venture Crew.

Crew Members Responsibilities


  1. Participate in meetings and activities
  2. Periodically serve as activity chair
  3. Recruit new members

Venturing Crew Officer Responsibilities



President: The primary leader of the crew

  1. Serve as leader of the crew 
  2. Implement the crew program in cooperation with officers and members
  3. Work closely with the advisors
  4. Represents crew at Venturing Officers' Association (VOA) and be available to report to the chartered organization and crew committee
  5. Work with the crew advisor in conducting the crew officers seminar 
  6. In consultation with the vice president of programs, appoint activity chairs
  7. Appoint special crew officers
  8. Present an annual report to chartered organization at the conclusion of the term of the office
  9. Assesses on an ongoing basis whether the responsibilities of the officers are being considered and carried out effectively
  10. Approach Venturing in a spirit of fun and enjoyment and encourages others to do so as well
  11. Run the crew officers' meeting
Vice President - Administration: Leads crew's recruiting and recognition activities
  1. Serve as administrative officer of the crew
  2. Assume the responsibilities of the crew president in his or her absence
  3. Lead the recruiting and admission of new members during the year
  4. Coordinate with others the leadership of crew membership and sustainability events
  5. Organize, record, and recognize the achievements of crew members
  6. Conduct opening and closing ceremonies for special occasions as scheduled
  7. Attends all crew activities
  8. Participate in the council's annual VOA program planning conference
  9. Approach Venturing in a spirit of fun, and seeks to reflect this spirit in the recruiting of new members and through recognizing the achievements of crew members
  10. Appoint and supervise den chiefs and crew guides

 Vice President - Program: Leads the development of the crew's program of activities  

  1. Serve as the program officer of the crew and arrange the program planning process for the crew
  2. Collect and maintain a crew activity file consisting of the Program Capability Inventory, a list of crew member interests and suggestions for activities, program resources and an annual activity schedule
  3. Determines the interests of the crew members on an ongoing basis (using Venturing Activity Interest Surveys)
  4. Appoint youth chairs for special projects and appoint special crew officers, if this responsibility was assigned by the crew president
  5. Provide support for the chair and committee for each activity
  6. Maintain an up-to-date calendar of crew meetings and activities
  7. Approach Venturing activities in a spirit of fun and enjoyment, and encourages others to do the same

Vice President of Communications or Secretary: Leads the crew's communication

  1. Serve as the communication officer, and in that position, manage all communications and publicity forthe crew
  2. Maintains crew membership and attendance records in consultation with the vice president of administration
  3. Handles crew correspondence and minutes
  4. Coordinates crew publicity through local media, social media, crew newsletters, and the crew's telephone network
  5. Approach Venturing activities in a spirit of fun, and seek to reflect this spirit in the publicity and communications of the crew

Treasurer: Leads the crew's finances

  1. Serve as the financial officer, and in that position, maintain financial records and the crew budget
  2. Collect and disburse crew funds
  3. Communicates with the other officers and members on a regular basis to keep them informed about the crew's finances
  4. Maintain and share balance sheets for current adventures
  5. Approach Venturing in a spirit of fun, and spread this spirit in carrying out the treasurer's responsibilities



Appointed Officer Responsibilities


Responsible for the crew supplies and equipment

Crew Guide

Serves as an individual mentor for new Venturers


Collects and preserves memorabilia and records

Den Chief

Serves as a liaison to a cub scout den

Advisor and Associate Advisors Responsibilities


1. Foster a true sense of community within the Venturing crew, and encourage everyone's growth and responsibility to one another
2. Support and train crew officers; develop crew officers to lead - to plan, make decisions, and carry out a program of activities over an extended period
3. Encourage participation and support for the Venturing crew from the chartered organization, associate Advisors, crew committee, parents, and other adults in the community
4. Uphold the standards and policies of the chartered organization and the Boy Scouts of America
5. Provide a framework for protecting the members of a crew from abuse
6. Ensure that activities are conducted within BSA safety guidelines and requirements - Advisors must be trained by the BSA   
7. Seek to cultivate within the members of a crew a capacity to enjoy life - to have fun through the Venturing experience

Associate Advisor

1. Support the Advisor
2. Provide additional guidance and assistance to members of the crew

Advisor and associate Advisors 

1. Coach and mentor youth officers in their leadership responsibilities; the youth lead in consultation with the Advisor and associate Advisors
2. Male or female
3. At least 21 years of age


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