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What Cub Scouts Do

Each rank of Cub Scouting focuses on activities and skills that are age appropriate. Somewhere throughout each den trail (handbook), each of these 12 core values are covered: citizenship, compassion, cooperation, courage, faith, health and fitness, honesty, perseverance, positive attitude, resourcefulness, respect, and responsibility. In addition to the den trails, scouts participate in additional Sports & Academic activities to earn Adventure Belt Loops & Pins. All activities and requirements can be done at home, with a den or with a pack. So if a scout misses a meeting- no worries, they can make up a requirement at home!

Some Things Tigers Do

The Tiger Trail is designed to introduce scouts in the 1st grade into scouting. It is packed full of easy but fun age appropriate activities that cover Family, Community, Healthy & Safety, Communication and Outdoors. They will do things such as make a family scrapbook, visit a police/fire station, make a food pyramid, visit a newspaper office and go on a hike. Once they complete their handbook, they have several electives they can complete for more fun activities.

Some Things Wolves Do

The Wolf Trail advances on the Tiger Trail and is for 2nd graders. A scout does not have to have earned his Tiger badge to start as a Wolf, but he will need to earn his Bobcat badge first as all scouts do. The Wolf Trail covers many activities such as Health & Fitness, The Flag, Community, Tools & Building, Collecting, Recycling, Cooking, Safety, Family Fun, Faith and Making Good Choices. In addition to their den trail, Wolves have many electives to choose from for added fun!

Some Things Bears Do

The Bear Trail starts getting more advanced and is for 3rd graders. This handbook covers many activities that are divided into four areas: Faith, Country, Family and Self. Within these four areas, Bear Scouts will cover things such as Worship, What Makes America Special, Law Enforcement, Wildlife, Family History, Emergency Safety, Money Management, Bike Safety, Whittling Chip (Pocket Knife Carving), Building Muscles, Knot Tying, Sports and Leadership.

Some Things Webelos Do

The Webelos Trail is designed to prepare scouts in 4th & 5th grade for Boy Scouts. It is advanced and packed full of fun challenging activities. Webelos work to earn their Webelos badge and then the infamous Arrow of Light.  Webelos activities are divided into five areas: Physical Skills, Mental Skills, Community, Technology and Outdoor. There are 20 different activity pins that Webelos work on and the Arrow of Light requires at 8 to be earned.