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Cub Scout Pack 3038
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Welcome To Cub Scout Pack 3038

Welcome to the historic Cub Scout Pack 3038

Sponsored by the Wasatch Presbyterian Church.

We're delighted to have you!

Cub Scout Pack 3038 is a fun, active, nondenominational organization where girls and boys learn by doing.

Fun activities with Pack 3038

Who can join

Any child that is in Kindergarten to 5th grade can join and is welcome.

Lions Kindergarten
Tigers 1st Grade
Wolves 2nd Grade
Bears 3rd Grade
Webelos I 4th Grade
Webelos II 5th Grade

Youth in 6th grade or higher are welcome to visit our affiliated Scouting BSA Troop website at

Parental involvement in the pack is encouraged — and expected.

Meetings and Places

Pack 3038 is chartered and sponsored by Wasatch Presbyterian Church located at 1628 South 1700 East in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Our meetings are held on Tuesdays 6:15pm to 7:45pm:

  • K–1st grades meet Tuesdays 6:15pm – 7:00pm
  • 2nd–5th grades meet Tuesdays 6:45pm – 7:45pm

Due to scheduling with facilities and during this time of health concerns regarding COVID, we appreciate your kind understanding for flexible scheduling. Online calls and outdoor den meetings may be part of the normal schedule. We occasionally conduct service projects, visit museums, take day hikes, and camp out, usually twice a year with a delightful Pack Family overnighter.

Costs and Fees

Pack 3038 Leadership

Expect to pay or purchase the following:

  • The registration fee is $180.00 per year ? but $30 off for Cubs with an adult accepting adult leadership position. Adults are required to be part of a Cub Scout's Experience.
  • Purchase a Scout book relevant to your den.
  • Purchase a neckerchief, neckerchief slide, and a formal uniform shirt with insignia. All are available at the official Scout shops in Ogden and Orem — and especially online.
  • The Pack also offers affordable t-shirts for purchase, specially designed by our parent volunteers.

Explore the public side of this website to get an idea of who we are and what we do. Joining may very well be something worth considering for your own child. There is also an extensive private side to this web page for the support of the members of Pack 3038, you would get access to those resources after you join.

We encourage you to join or ask questions:
Please contact our Scout Committee Chairman, Cabot Nelson, at 801-699-2090.  Email: