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Venturing is adventure with a purpose.  Adventure to build camaraderie and skills.  Adventure to develop leadership.  Adventure to build an attitude of service to others.  Adventure in personal growth.  Venturing adventure is a platform for development, enabling its members to go where they want in life.  And most of all, Venturing activity in FUN!  Adventure happens whenever Venturers work together to explore and contribute to the world around them.  Adventure is an attitude, a way of looking at the world and living our lives.  It's not only about what we do, but about who we are.  It's about what happens inside us as we grow and learn from our experiences and as we lead and serve others.  Venturing's three levels of adventure are designed to challenge and engage crew members to experience adventure.  A Tier I adventure involves little planning and less than one day.  A Tier II adventure involves some planning and is less than four days.  A Tier III adventure involves extensive planning and at least four days.  A well-balanced crew activity program will include activities and adventures in all tiers.   

Need more information about venturing? Here is a link to the National Boy Scouts of America website describing venturing.